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Greater Accessibility and Diversity in Tech

Our goal is to champion greater accessibility and diversity across the tech industry by empowering individuals through education and events.

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Tech Teahouse members at a women in tech workshop

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Our Values

An Inclusive Toronto-based Tech Community


We are an inclusive tech community that cares for our member's professional development.


We connect members to upcoming tech events in the city.


We organize workshops to empower members for their professional development.
Tech Teahouse members at a women in tech workshop

Causes We Champion

Tech Teahouse accomplishes our goal in three ways:

1. Increasing access and visibility to low cost or free tech-focused events

2. Arming underrepresented groups with the tools they need to succeed in a tech career via free workshop

3. Fostering relationships among like-minded individuals to share their experiences and empower each other

Tech Teahouse in Action

    • Picture of panelists at an event
    • The Tech Teahouse group at a Hackathon
    • selfie of Jon and Chao
    • The Tech and Tea group doing a group photo at a bubble tea shop
    • Two of the tech and tea folks at a Hackathon
    • Jen, Ruiting and company on the Elevate stage posing for the camera.
    • Some  of the tech and tea group sitting on a table together smiling for the camera.
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